How To Create An

Order of Service

It is now commonplace at funerals to provide an Order of Service, a small booklet for the attendees and also for people that are not able to make the funeral. The typical Order of Service often include the words for Hymns, Songs, Poems and Readings made during the funeral, as well as some photographs.

You can select the style and contents of the Order of Service any way you want. We can make some suggestions to guide or you can have any content that you feel is appropriate for your loved one.

Photographs of your loved one will help the mourners and provide memories of happier times from childhood through to later life.

Ideas include the addition of photographs of your loved one throughout their life, celebrating love and friendships and happy memories. Add the words for people to read along to or the words of any songs selected for the service.

Feel free to call and we will help you pick what you would like.

Where to Start

Here we explain in more detail what a typical Order of Service contains to help get you started.

A typical booklet will contain the following contents:

  • A front cover.
  • Schedule of the service
  • Memories
  • Back cover

The Front Cover

Traditionally, the front cover may include

  • The full name of your loved one.
  • A photo or picture
  • Date of birth and date of death
  • Date, time and location of the service

Sometimes people like a simple image of flowers or a peaceful picture. To make the Order of Service more personal, a picture of your loved one that shows them in happier times is a nice option. The picture does not have to be a recent one, but it should represent the person in a way that raises fond memories.

Schedule of the Service

The schedule lets the attendees know what will happen during the service and in what order. You will be guided through this by the celebrant carrying out the service (often a minister of religion) or the funeral director.

Typically the service schedule has the following:

  • The title of the Song as the funeral starts and people will take their seats.
  • Opening – this is usually given by the person giving the service to start the proceedings.
  • Words to any songs or hymns sung during the service.
  • Introduction to any speakers who give eulogies during the service. Sometimes the words of the eulogies, or pictures reflecting the eulogies are included in the Order of Service.
  • Prayers
  • Committal and blessing.
  • Title and composer (or group) of the closing music.
  • Title of the Song as the funeral ends and people exit.

This is a typical schedule but your family may wish to change any part or order.


Here you can add personal touches to the Order of Service by adding photographs, descriptions of favourite moments, significant moments in a persons life or even quotations that help you remember your loved one.

Add as many pages as you feel appropriate as it is here that people who keep the Order of Service will look back on. You can add here pictures of your loved one with close family and friends doing what they loved to do.

Another idea here is to document the life of your loved one through a sequence of photographs.

The Back Cover

Often a happy photo of your loved one with family or friends.

If you are asking for donations to charities then this is the place to do it. There are websites that provide a special page for people to make donations in the name of the deceased. Make the charity something relevant to your loved one.

Some people like to thank those who remember your loved one. Remember that you can also send a copy of the Order of Service to anyone that would like to have attended but were unable.

Finally, include the details and location of the wake.

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